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Princeton 20Ten

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It seemed that the most attention to the marketing for the success of the songs had decreed the end of Prince in recent years, with 20ten unexpectedly rising from its ashes. Do not expect the flashes of genius that earned him the nickname of New artist Duke Ellington, some peaks can not be achieved [...]

What to expect when the undisputed queen of the electronic experimentation one of American rock band with strong need to undertake ever new directions? The answer is Mount Wittenberg Orca, a disc unclassifiable, or rather impossible to cage in sterile definitions. The album contains seven tracks omoegenei, a sort of long suite with variations around a [...]

Sting- Symphonicities

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Continues the classic turn of Sting: after reworking of the works of Dowland lute and tells of popular songs and traditional, now is a remake of the most successful brand Sting and Police executed in key orchestral, with the accompaniment of the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. The approach this time is less stringent than that [...]

Elton John has called him a genius, the critics acclaimed him, the public is divided between the worshipers and those who are just another silly songwriter. Meanwhile, Rufus Wainwright continues to churn out records: his last effort, All Days Are Nights (Songs For Lulu), presented as a concept album on the suffering associated with the disease and the disappearance [...]

Omar Pedrini's Cabin Uncle-rock

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Four years after the last publication Omar Pedrini returns with The Hut Of Uncle Rock, a double album intended to celebrate the twenty years of career, first with the Fear and then as a solo artist. In addition to the successes of the period Timoria the disc contains two new songs, the single Uncle Rock and the son of the wind, [...]

Litfiba- Free State Litfiba

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They seemed lost forever in the depths of solo projects and individual tours, but here they unexpectedly rise from its ashes after ten years of absence from the scene under the name of Litfiba. Free State Litfiba, preceded by a mini tour in 2009 and deliberately very little advertising, marks the return of one of the rock band [...]

Bruce Springsteen recently produces a record after another, to the absolute delight of his. His latest recording effort, however, is a dvd, London Calling Live In Hyde Park, which documents the last concert held in London after a series of two-year tour almost continuously. A rather curious, considering that the event was part of the [...]

Ligabue- Arrivederci Mostro

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E 'already ahead of all the Italian charts and promises to stay there for long, but this is not surprising when it comes to Luciano Ligabue. Goodbye monster arrives to mark the first twenty years of career of rocker showing it as fit as ever. The album opens with a burst of energy due to the rough guitars [...]

Carries on his shoulders a heavy name, which affected his debut in the music world with the Wallflowers and only the age of forty, after having recorded five albums with the rock band, has allowed him to find the courage to publish His first solo album, Seeing Things, which was largely [...]

A rush of energy that continues unabated since the end of the bone are, driving rhythms and powerful riffs obtained only with two acoustic guitars (six twelve string) and bass drum, songs stripped of all tinsel as announced by the title of disc. The Pan Del Diavolo are a duo from Palermo, Pietro Alessandro Alosi and [...]